Blue Bidet Premium Home Bidet BB-2000

SKU: BB-2000


The Bidet BB-2000 delivers room-temperature water and comes with TWO retractable & self cleaning nozzles to service both him and her more comfortably. This bidet also has a self-cleaning system to clean both nozzles.
The BB-2000 comes with two knobs: a water pressure knob that allows you to turn the water pressure on with great ease; and a nozzle selection knob to choose which function to perform: butt cleaning, vaginal cleaning or bidet cleaning. This line of bidets also allows you to install it to most home toilets because of its design that can change its adjustment position according to your toilet.
This product comes with two retractable Nozzles for a more comfortable cleaning experience. This makes the bidet more comfortable and easy for everybody to use.

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